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Baby Foot Peel Review – Is it worth it?

Baby Foot exfoliate peel is a chemical peel product for the feet. Simple like that. Yes, the name looks kind of weird. A baby-branded product for adult women is not something common. But let’s see what can this product actually do in this review.We women have a tendency to put our feet through any uncomfortable and harsh conditions we can imagine (heels). Baby Foot exfoliate peel promises that can give you the smoothest feet you ever had since birth. We are talking about results that cannot be delivered through any pedicure or cream product. Let’s see how does this product work.

How Does Baby Foot Work?

Some of us could have the amount of 80 layers accumulated dead skin on our feet. These dead skin layers cannot be removed by pedicures or simply using a pumice stone. The extracts that are contained in Baby Foot’s gel have the ability to penetrate the dead skin cells and dissolve the adhesive fibers between those layers of dead skin. This way, the peeling process can start taking action in a natural and gentle way. This is a peel that makes your feet shed layers of dead skin and calluses, like a snake changing its skin, in order to reveal the “new” and healthy skin that is hidden underneath.

When I tried it, it was a little gross seeing all this amount skin layers that was being removed from my feet, but at the same time it is exciting because I knew that it was the best exfoliation that I could offer to my feet.

Photo Courtesy of: Baby Foot

How To Use Baby Foot Peel

The instructions say to wash and dry your feet before using the product. It is recommended to soak your feet for about half an hour in plain water before you start using Baby Foot Peel. The kit comes with two foot booties, place your feet inside the booties and secure using the special tape. Leave it for 2 hours and after that wash your feet well. While you wear the booties, if you want to move around you could use socks over them, but it is recommended to minimize your movement during the procedure.

You should start having peeling results in about 2-4 days after you put on the booties. If you don’t see any sloughing or peeling you should soak your feet for about half an hour and after that, when you dry them you will definitely see some sloughing and peeling. Sloughing and peeling will continue for the next several days and most of the dead skin will come off. Let’s walk with our new feet and see the results!!

Photo: Courtesy of Baby Foot


If you continue to soak your feet for the next few days, for about half an hour each day you will definitely see more sloughing and peeling and the effects of the product will be fastened. That’s what I did and it took me about a week for all the dead skin from my feet to be removed and have some significant results.

You can use Baby Foot again about 2 weeks after your first application. I will probably do this again in about 2-3 months. The company recomands to do it every couple of months to have the maximum results and keep your skin always fresh.

Baby Foot Exfoliation Peel can work wonders on your feet and it is the only product I have found so far that can penetrate all the deep layers of the dead skin and take it off. Of course, you should also take care of your feet with other ways, don’t forget to .

Cost of Baby Foot

The cost of baby foot is around 30 -35 dollars and you can find more information and more reviews about this product clicking the image below :

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