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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Properly

What woman does not like the cat-eye look that can be created with the liquid eyeliner? If you know how to use it properly, you can achieve an intense and impressive look for special occasions.  How many of you can achieve the perfect eyeliner “line”? So you chose and now it is time to use it. Here are some ways to help you use the liquid eyeliner properly.

In the following video makeup artist shows step by step how to apply liquid eyeliner and achieve perfect results.

As she explains, you will find many different types of liquid eyeliner in the market, but for “beginners” in makeup it is better to choose one with thin tip, like a marker.

The first technique shown in the video is called “join the dots”. In this technique, small lines are formed with the eyeliner, which are joined accurately. This technique has the advantage of making fewer mistakes. For a more natural look prefer an eyeliner with a fine tip.

The second technique is called “isosceles” and its purpose is to create an isosceles triangle form in the upper outer corner of the eye and then the fill line on the eyelid. The secret to this technique is to start drawing a line outwards on the imaginary line of the lower eyelid.

The third technique is probably the fastest way to achieve the cat-eye look with the eyeliner. Start pulling thin straight lines from the inner corner of the eye outwards, straight, pull another line from the imaginary line of the lower eyelid outwards and join it to the top line. Fill the internal angle between the two lines and … you’re ready!

For professionals

Absolute 60s look

We left to swing;

San diva of 50s

A more Japanese look

Impressive retro look

The perfect line

Total black

And eyeliner and false color and eyelids

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