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A Great Trick to Fall Asleep in 60 Seconds

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Work, stress and our tedious everyday routine can often cause insomnia and difficulties in sleep. This is bad for our health and beauty, because a good night’s sleep is an essential . Anxiety and stress have the ability to overcome exhaustion and make our good sleep look like a distant dream..! If you have tried to count sheep, listening to relaxing natural sounds of the forest to relax and you don’t have any results, here is an opportunity for you to learn and experiment with a new technique. What is needed? Only 60 seconds of your life.

Dr Andrew Weil, an expert on sleep issues, invented a new method based on proper breathing which may make you fall asleep almost instantly. This technique is called 4-7-8 and guarantees spectacular results if it is applied daily for 60 days, it does not need any equipment and can be executed anywhere.

Steps of 4-7-8 sleeping method

1. Exhale loudly from your mouth making a woosh sound.

2. Then close your mouth and breathe slowly through your nose, counting until 4 (mentally).

3. Hold your breath and count to 7.

4. Exhale again loudly from your mouth making a woosh sound and count to 8.

These four steps are a complete breathing cycle. After you finish, inhale again and repeat the above procedure at least 3 times.

When you inhale through your nose you should always do it quietly and when you exhale through your mouth always do it loudly. As you will see in the video below, the tip of your tongue should stay on place during the whole process.

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