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9 Beauty Tips Before Going To Bed

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There is a traditional phrase in Greece: they say: “you sleep and your luck is working for you”. In fact, when you sleep your body deals with all kinds of repairs, renewals and revive needed. So why don’t you try to aid this process and help get more benefits from a good night’s sleep?

1. Wrinkles

Yes, you probably already use some night cream or serum, but what really makes miracles is a night mask. Prefer a mask with cranberry extract and to aid towards the elasticity of your skin and keep it hydrated during the night.

2. Feet

If you have dry heels or scabs on the fingers and the soles of your feet here is a very simple trick to get rid of it. Before you fall asleep, spread Vaseline or any other product of deep hydration and wear cotton socks. The cotton socks ensure that the cream will remain and will be absorbed by your skin and the results you will have in just a few days will make you more than happy.

3. Hair

You know that the curse of long hair you fear not the ruin while you sleep? If you do not know what I mean, get ready to shudder at. Investigations have shown that the tumbling bed during the night causing friction which in turn leads to frizz and breakage. The simplest thing you can do is to change the cotton pillowcases with satin, which allow the hair to slip more easily causing much less damage. Pick them up in a loose braid so you will have to deal with far fewer knots in the morning.

4. Lips

There really is a science to having tender lips ready for kissing. A small almond layer is all you need! Stretched out on your lips before sleep and in the morning you look really juicy.

5. Nail Cuticles

Cuticles on the fingers is not a pleasant sight. The tailored nails encircled by cuticles is even more tragic. Time to get rid of them spreading a little before bedtime. This will soak-soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails.

6. Eyelashes

Painting your eyelashes damage them much more than you can imagine. Today there are many serums for eyelashes nutrition, but nobody guarantees that they have effect and their prices are somewhat stiff. But you can try the traditional and known to us all: castor oil. Using a clean cotton swab dab a little castor oil to the base of your eyelashes. Repeat every night before bedtime. In about 8 weeks you will have longer and thicker eyelashes. Try it!

7. Hands

Besides walking, sometimes our hands and need an extra dose of hydration, especially since they are the parts of our body we use the most daily. Start exfoliating your hands with a homemade scrub of brown sugar and oil. Then make a light massage on them with vitamin E or your classic hand cream. After,wear a pair of gloves and go to sleep. In the morning, your hands will be fully hydrated and refreshed.

8. Skin

If you follow a special routine, you can wake up having a shiny and fresh skin. Use vitamin E oil before applying your night cream. Alternatively, if you have very oily skin, you can use a little and gently massage until completely absorbed. Repeat daily before bedtime.

9. Pimples

What magic is that, that makes a horrible pimple appear before every important event; Um, this is not magic but is caused due to increased stress from your anticipation of that event. But there is a solution for it, so do not get crazy! Dab a little toothpaste on the pimple before you fall asleep, Leave it overnight and rinse in the morning -This will make its presence less noticeable. However, make sure that you use toothpaste, not gel.

Of course, the most important of all is a good night’s sleep! The night’s sleep is your ultimate ally. Time to take the most from it.

Estelle :I have studied aesthetic and cosmetology and I am a beautician with a great passion for health and beauty. As human beings we have to take care of our inner and our outer beauty to be completely beautiful !