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7 Steps To Create A Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup

The Smokey Eye makeup is the best choice to accentuate your eyes and have a more sexy look. You can do this look for all times of a day and every occasion, formal or not. You just have to choose the right eye shadow color.

As all of us know the black shadow is a must for those who want to show both the color and the shape of their eyes, giving a mystery to their look. This is why we often choose the Dramatic eye makeup.

Such a makeup is very impressive but it is relatively difficult to achieve when you do not know the correct procedure and simply put a dark shadow on your eyes. Following the steps below you will manage to create an extremely seductive look!

7 Steps to achieve an impressive Smokey Eye Makeup!

1. Clean your face

Before you start your makeup even if you only bother with the makeup of your eyes, you should clean your face. The result is always better when your skin is clean, so carefully use a facial scrub and a moisturizing lotion before doing anything.

2. Prepare your eyelids

Women who have oily skin may experience problems with the eye shadow because after some time it may become unstable and make the makeup melt leaving smudges.

To avoid this you can use an eye primer and let it dry before you continue to the next step.

3. Put Eyeliner

The most classic eyeliner colors for smokey eye are black, brown or dark gray. But alternatively you can use purple and blue, making a thin line above your eyelashes, which will become thicker from the center of your eyelid and after. Read our article with the and choose the eyeliner you like 🙂

4. Put pencil to the lower lashes

Apart from the upper lashes we should accentuate the lower too, initially putting a thin line from your pencil or liquid eyeliner below the eyelashes, and pencil on the inside of your eye. There you can even put a white pencil to brighten your look.

5. Use an eye shadow with light color

The most important step is that, as you have to use an appropriate light color as a base and not directly the dark you have selected.

The cream and light beige – brown shades are ideal. Start spreading the shadow to your entire lid and mainly emphasize the bone of your eye.

6. Put dark shadow

The dark shadow will now be in greater quantity and you shoudl take care to not exceed the chime of the eye where you have put the light shade in order to create contrast and make your makeup close smoother and not so steep.

7. Use eyelash scissors and put mascara

The last step is to accentuate your eyelashes, because after by the dark color they will be completely lost. Turn around your lashes and put two coats of your mascara to make them look more dense and long.

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