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7 Practical Tips For Using A Hair Straightener

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If you are a woman tha uses a hair straightener, then the following tips will be highly useful for you. You will read a clever tip to make your hair wavy, detailed instructions on how to give them volume using the hair straightener and many other practical information and secrets.

How big should be the straightener?

The general rule is that the shorter and weaker your hair, the thinner must be the iron. Conversely, women with long hair and thick hair should prefer a wide straightener.

How warm should be the flat iron?

The hair is burnt at the same temperature as the paper, at about 270 degrees Celsius. Therefore according to experts, the maximum recommended temperature on the iron is 180 degrees. If you have thin and weak hair prefer not to exceed 160 degrees.

Tip for wavy hair

If you want to make straight hair wavy, do this very simple trick: knit three tight braids and tie them with rubber bands. Then, use the straightener over them about two, three times, letting the space between the hair to cool. When done, remove the rubber bands and your new curls are ready!

Tip for extra soft hair

For silky hair, use simultaneously with the iron a comb with many, fine “teeth”. The comb will solve every knot of hair, as the iron will straighten. Place the straightener over the comb and move downwards.

Tip for extra volume

If you want your hair to have more volume, use a round brush along with the iron. First, straighten the tuft on the top of the head with the iron and then wrap it in the brush. Unroll slowly stretching up the brush and, as unwind, pass the lock from the iron. Wrap again tuft “downloading” the brush toward your head for a while and let your hair cool. When you feel that your hair is not hot anymore, repeat the process once more.

See details in the video about how it is done

How to clean the hair straightener

The styling products applied to hair, can leave traces and stains on the plates of the flat iron. To clean the device, you can use a damp (attention: not wet) soft cloth to wipe it when it is cold. If the stain is stubborn, try putting peroxide or make a paste of water and baking soda that you can scrub with a toothbrush on the ceramic plates. Carefully wipe with a clean, damp cloth (do not put water!).

Smart storage tip

You can wrap your hair straightener  in the special oven gloves to safely take it with you .


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