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7 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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Undoubtedly the woman’s face is the most important part we notice in a woman. When it is framed by a hairstyle that does not flatter, or even worse adds years, it loses its charm. But when framed by a hairstyle that does not flatter, or even worse that the “load” additional years, loses its charm.  Even if your hair come in second place to your appearance, be careful not to do the same mistakes and fall into the traps that make you look older. Here are some common haircare mistakes that can make you look older.

1. You destroy your hair

As much as you try to earn some points in your appearance having an elegant hairstyle, if your hair is damaged with the use of many chemicals such as hairsprays or other styling products and frequent dyeing, you lose the game.

Avoid for a while the chemical hair dyes and let your hair regains its lost shine. A visit to the hairdresser for a simple haircut will give them further strength. When you consider that they have returned to their previous situation, prefer vegetable hair dyes that are kinder to the hair.

2. White wool

Although in recent years the blond platinum fashion has ceased, some women still insist to “open” them too much. The result; Along with hair, they destroy their beauty!

In addition, experts suggest that when we change our hair color, we must choose colors that are two to three tons lighter than our natural hair tone. Otherwise, we add several years on our shoulders unnecessarily.

Or … black is the night in the mountains…

If your natural color is dark black, then you are lucky! Otherwise, it is highly risky to dare a black color. The overly dark color emphasizes the imperfections of the skin and thus pimples, redness and pigmentation make parties on your face.

The brown color is almost always a secure choice.

3. Too long hair

You probably have heard your mom or grandma saying “An old woman and leaves long hair? Doesn’t she understand it does not suit her? “. Perhaps it is somewhat exaggerated but it is the truth! The long hair is not flattering for women over their thirties. That’s because instead of softening their features it emphasizes them, so even the smallest wrinkles become visible.

Or shorten them too much

For some women, the boyish haircut fits like a glove … until a certain age, however. When we grow older we should avoid this. The reason? Like long hair it can emphasize some characteristics of our appearance and make them look “uglier”.

4. Cover the entire face

Most women have our insecurities. Some choose to hide them using our clothes and some others using our hair. When we leave all our hair forward or make big bangs that even prevent our vision, something has to change.

“Open” your face, try a new haircut and, for God’s sake, cut the bangs that are about to become one with your eyes. We guarantee that apart from your features, it will also “open” your mood.

5. Adopt a very youthful style.

Each thing has its time, even experiments on the hair! Forget the eccentric haircuts, the “furious” hairstyles and the sudden changes of color. All these just highlight that you are no longer going to school.

6. Hair in the press

We all love the straight hair, but when it is more like a perfectly ironed curtain, it is certain that it will not enhance your charm! It fits only women who have a baby face. It is not recommended for faces with angles because it emphasizes them too much.

8. You don’t get a haircut often

Do you remember when was the last time you went to the hairdresser, not for a dye, but a haircut, even to clean your hair from split ends? If not, it is important to put it in your schedule at least once every two months. Even a simple cleaning will help the hair to reclaim its shine and youthfulness.

Finally, try to watch your diet and drink plenty of water. It may sound common, but proper nutrition and hydration is essential to maintain or improve the health and appearance of your hair.

Estelle :I have studied aesthetic and cosmetology and I am a beautician with a great passion for health and beauty. As human beings we have to take care of our inner and our outer beauty to be completely beautiful !