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7 Common Reasons For Hair Loss

When you wake up and your pillow is full of hair, you will most likely get frightened and think: “I will lose all my hair if you go on like this!”.

The first thing to do when you want to solve a problem is to seek the cause, it is very important to know what is to blame for. The 7 most probable reasons that cause hair loss are the following:

1. Thyroid Issues

Both (associated with the easy weight gain) and (difficult to put on weight) are associated with hair loss. If you suspect either because of heredity or because of additional symptoms that show that you suffer from a thyroid condition, be sure to do the necessary tests to see if you have thyroid problems.

In this case you will need to follow a medication (replacing the missing hormone) and the problem of hair loss will be reduced if not completely disappear.

2. Do you have stress?

Hair grows in three phases: the anagen, transitional and telogen phase. When falling, the hair pass directly from the first stage to the third. This happens when the body is under some serious changes, one of which could be extreme anxiety. However, the good news is that when you relax, hair returns to the original state. Another reason you should not worry and don’t have stress is to keep your natural beauty.

3. Use many chemicals

A lot of shampoo, conditioner, much hairspray … can make our hair to “shine” and to impress, but the long-term excessive use of styling products could cause their loss. Put away the hair straightener and hairdryer, use mild hair dyes and soon you will see results.

4. ‘Tight’ hairstyles

When you catch your hair in a tight ponytail that you put a rake that “tamp” most likely … induce your luck, so after hair “pulled” backwards, resist and finally fall. Even though our convenience to catch up, especially when we are home, it is advisable to limit the habit of pot holders.

5. Do you pull your hair?

If you have the habit to pull your hair from the scalp you will probably need to think about it seriously. It is a serious disorder, but even if not manifested largely and simply pulling hair unconsciously from your stress, you should make an effort to control this.

6. Sudden Weight Loss

The sudden weight loss is perceived by the body as a temporary “trauma”, which can lead to sudden hair loss. If the rapid weight loss is combined with a poor diet, the problem may be more pronounced.

In this case, give a timeframe of six months to your body to adjust and if you see that the problem persists or worsens, talk to a specialist.

7. Lack of iron or anemia

Women that have high blood flow in their menstruation or do not include in their menu foods rich in iron, can have a quite large problem of hair loss. In order to fight it, be sure to eat meat (beef and pork), spinach and beans that are rich in iron. Indicatively, an average woman should consume 15 mg iron daily, and 8 mg iron after menopause.

In any case, if the hair loss does not stop, and this situation begins to trouble you, contact a dermatologist immediately . Moreover, as we leave the problem merely to exist, all that we accomplish is to make the situation worse…

Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !