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6 Essential Oil Secrets You Should Know Before Buying

Here are 6 little Essential Oil secrets, the signs that allow us to distiguinsh a pure essential oil from an imitation..

No. 1: The price. To exctract just a few grams of pure essential oil, a large amount of flowers or plants is needed. For example, only 10 grams of lavender essential oil needs 5 pounds of this plant. The average price of an authentic essential oil is around 10-15 USD per 10 ml, depending on the type of herb or flower. For example, the oil of Bulgarian rose is more expensive than lavender oil.

No. 2: The footprint they leave. Pour a drop of essential oil on white paper. If it leaves a greasy outline, then it is not pure, but adulterated. This excludes: sandalwood, vetiver, German chamomile and patchouli.

No. 3: The remaining ingredients. Read the back of the packaging components. The name of the plant from which the oil is derived should be first, and usually written with Latin names

No. 4: The packaging. The bottle must be a dark blue or brown glass in order to not let the light break through. Also it should be stored in shady, cool place. The sunlight and heat affect the composition of the oil.

No. 5: The feeling that leaves us. Pour a drop in the index and rub using the thumb. The pure essential oil should slip easily but not being greasy.

No. 6: The certifications. If the product comes from organic farming, then there must be a reliable seal of international organizations such as Ecocert, VDIH, The Soil Association, Icea, etc ..

TIP: The pure essential oil should dissolve into a special base oil and not to use it directly on the skin. Otherwise it may even cause minor burns.

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