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by Sara Biston6 vitamins for healthy skin

A healthy skin is smooth with no marks and maintains a youthful look. The skin is much more than an outer surface for the world to see. It protects you from the bacteria, dirt and other foreign objects and the ultraviolet rays of the sun and contains nerve endings that let you know whether the something is hot, cold, painful or dull. A healthy skin is warm, neither dry or flaky nor moist and wrinkled. Healthy skin is a mirror of a healthy body. To maintain a healthy skin you have to take a balanced diet accompanied by fruits that contain vitamins   E, C, A and others. These vitamins are mostly found in fruits and each fruit has its vitamins. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients help to make your skin Healthy and glowing. These vitamins include:

  1. Vitamin C

It aids in skin care because it contains an antioxidant prorate that clears body acne and blemishes. It can orally enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens applied for skin protection from sun’s harmful UV rays. The vitamin C decreases cell damage and helps the healing process of bodily wounds. It also helps reduce wrinkles on the skin and heal damaged skin. The lack of vitamin C causes scurvy and continuous lack of the vitamin can lead to cancer of the skin. This vitamin is known to play a crucial role in the regulation of structural protein collagen necessary for the extracellular stability of the skin. This vitamin can be found in bell peppers, guava, dark leafy greens, strawberries, apple and citrus fruits. This vitamin helps maintain a component in the skin that acts as a waterproof barrier

  1. Vitamin D

It is related in calcium absorption and is not only limited to health, but it has also been found to treat psoriasis, this has helped to treat skin inflammation and reduce cellulite causes.

  1. Vitamin E

It helps protect the skin against sun damage sine it absorbs the harmful UV light from the sun. Zinc is another essential mineral associated with vitamin E. It plays a role in immune function such as reduction of body acne and blemishes wound healing, assisting in proper structure of skin proteins and cell membranes. Vitamin E has inflammatory effects and protects against UV radiation.it is so good for sensitive skin. This vitamin is effective when combined with vitamin A or C.

  1. Vitamin K

It is found in many different topical creams for the skin conditions, this vitamin is very helpful on patients who have undergone surgery, and they help in body process of blood clotting, which helps body heal the areas bruised during surgery. Topical creams with vitamin K helps treat skin irritations such as spider veins, stretch marks, body acne and blemishes scars and dark circles under the eyes.

  1. Vitamin A

It helps greatly in the reduction of wrinkles from the skin by fading brown spots and smooth roughness. Creams containing vitamin C are used during the night since sunlight inactivates most forms of vitamin A least is also known as retinol. It influences the psychology of your skin by promoting epidermal differentiation motivating dermal growth factors, inhibiting sebaceous gland activity and suppressing androgen formation. It promotes cell turnover in the skin and is effective in preventing the formation of comedones causing acne. A dry skin shows a lack of vitamin A commonly seen in adults. However, it can be treated through regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin A. You can get vitamin A in the liver, milk cream, corn oil butter and egg yolk.

  1. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 helps to boost hydration and reduce redness from the skin. It increases production of serum and fatty acids that are two key components of skin’s outer protective barrier. The skin can keep moisture and irritants out. This vitamin is recommended for a dry or sensitive skin. It inhibits the transfer of pigment to skin cells minimizing dark spots and cellulite cause.


No matter your age you can benefit from applying vitamins in your skin. No magic pill can restore the health of your skin but vitamins. The vitamins have no side effects and are locally and easily available hence all types of people from all walks of life can afford to keep their skin healthy. To maintain a healthy skin you need to protect the skin from the sun, do not smoke and ensure that you eat a healthy diet full of vitamins. Most vitamins prevent the skin from discoloration and wrinkles formed due to aging. The antioxidants found in the vitamins helps to speed up the skin’s natural repair by directly inhibiting further damage. Consumption of an apple every day helps to nourish the skin, as the saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away. You simply require personal discipline to maintain a healthy skin.



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