In the world there are millions of  beauty tips and beauty secrets. And below Beauty Tonic collected 50 of them. Read, but mainly, apply them and you will see a big difference in your appearance! Promise!

50. Use the cream eye or left over your face and do massage on your cuticles.

49. The eyeliner is very easy to run and smudges. So I always use waterproof eyeliner!

48. The blush should begin two fingers from the edges of your nose.

47. If you like to use glitter and iridescent products made sure to always maintain the equilibrium. If you put glitter in your eyes let your lips matte!

46. When you wake up tired and your eyes are red insert inside the lower eyelid white pencil.

45. Always place a shimmery lip gloss to your lips the center. The light reflected and lips show you great!

44. For more shiny, black or brown hair always used serum.

43. To show your cheekbones more uplifted placed bronzer just below the bones and flash powder highlighter or just above them.

42. Never comb your hair when it is wet. Combing certainly before Lucy and after the dry. Strictly!

41. Dry the pimple spreading your local tea tree oil (you’ll find it in The Body Shop) or crushed aspirin. But beware, rinse after 10 minutes and avoid if you have allergies.

40. Do not forget to put sunscreen daily in your hands. When make freckles and aged show will be too late.

39. Your Fytraki fly and you can not do the sleek hairstyle you want? Sprayed with hairspray your palm and gently passed your hair.

38. To clean face without pimples used a product with salicylic acid.

37. If you like the bright lipstick, but the fear, spread his normally on your lips and dab on top with a paper towel. They look like a lip stain and perfect says Pat McGrath.

36. To keep curls make sure you dry thoroughly before handling your hair curler curling!

35. The terracotta does not show at all nice in white or pale skin. Instead he preferred a flash cream or an iridescent powder.

34. If you have oily hair shampoo select transparent. Those having color and usually contain emollients elements.

33. Use always moisturizer with SPF in the mornings. Even in the winter!

32. During the summer months the makeup altered more easily put aside the make up and preferred the moisturizing color or BB.

31. Never wipe your face with a towel. He preferred the paper roll.

30. Get rid of dead cells used scrub 1-2 times a week. No. But often they will leave and the “goodoils and the skin will dehydrate you.

29. To emphasize the “V” of your lips over formed a “V” with beige pencil.

28. In order not to lose the volume to your hair not to tease never with your hands!

27. Remember: clean brushes is your ally to clean skin. Buy a antiviaktiriako spray (you will find it and MAC) and sprinkle each time before use. Once a week plyn’ta with shampoo.

26. The mascara is open for more than three months must be discarded.

25. The winter is hard on our hair and dehydrates. Basis definitely the ladaki. Yes, even if you have oily hair!

24. If you have nail polish remover, stretched out in your nail polish, put on a movie and pulled sharply. We will leave.

23. To give volume to your hair use a dry shampoo.

22. Change your beauty routine from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Winter. Summer preferred the lighter textures and Winter heavier.

21. “I support the theory of less is more! If you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself is it too, it is important to remove something. It is no accident that the thought” Kim Catrall, Sex and The City.

20. If you have straight hair and want to make waves followed the following order: spray for volume at the root, spray curling lengths and hairspray for middle grip to keep but not stood petrified.

19. For blush and terracotta: put a little product every time and if necessary add more. More generally, it is better to add than having to remove.

18. You know what is the right red lipstick for you as soon as you wear it! Will highlight the eyes, your lips and hair. The wrong lipstick will do the opposite.

17. A make up you should not ever feel heavy on your skin. Otherwise, there is the right make up for you.

16. For depilation (wax, laser, etc.) should always go to a place that specializes in it. It is wrong to do waxing at a salon, for example.

15. A touch blue eyeliner that asimizei the root of the lower eyelid is always very sexy.

14. If suddenly your hair fall or oiled if your nails break something wrong with your health. Most likely you missing a vitamin. Make tests.

13. If you have a big problem with split ends and broken ends of a good treatment is: passed press the edges and then put a moisturizing mask. The scales” the hair will open due to heat and the components of the mask will penetrate in depth and most correctly.

12. The golden rule of makeup: matte textures Use the points you want to cover and rainbow on what you want to highlight.

11. Never go to buy a make up evening. Try it always in natural light and are testing the tone on the line of the chin, not in your hand.

10. In the event officially passed powder and in your hands. So if you need to bring it close to your face will show anomoiochromies together.

9. Especially if wearing a cream blush is the first thing to put on your face at the base. Can be absorbed, dehydrated or whatever until you finish your makeup may need to reattach.

8. If the varnish you have frayed passed over a layer of transparent varnish with glitter and put a little ladaki the cuticle (even olive oil) and it will be like you did just manicure!

7. Once a week, rub your heels with pumice stone after bathing when the skin is softer. So, you will never have a problem with the scabs.

6. Shortly lip gloss to the hair can make styling, such as a gel. But caution! Do not overdo and certainly, the lip gloss should be transparent!

5. Carrots make very good hair. And also something that you will need later helps to tan more.

4. Do not apply your cream like yes! Make everything massage with your fingers. The blood comes to the skin surface so your face looks more radiant and vibrant color.

3. The best time to stretch creams is when you have just come from your bathroom and resources have opened.

2. If you want this dirty smokey what you see in the magazines do your makeup and then Bess shower. Water vapor will create this effect.

1. It is better to get somewhere late than to get unkempt! Slow! TipsIn the world there are millions of  beauty tips and beauty secrets. And below Beauty Tonic collected 50 of them. Read, but mainly, apply them and you will see a big difference in your appearance! Promise! 50. Use the cream eye or left over your face and do massage on...The best beauty secrets revealed