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5 Top Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

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All of us pretty much have struggled with the line of our eyeliner. If your hand is an obstacle for the perfect line, do not give up. has collected 5 excellent tricks for beginners who will make you an eyeliner master.

1. Business card.

Insert the card diagonal to the corner of the eye. Use the edge of the card to create the end of the line.

2. Design.

If you have trouble using a liquid eyeliner, prefer an eye pencil to draw the line. Then you can also apply . Use the pencil as a basis and your line will come more naturally.

3. Adhesive tape paper Trick.

Cut about 1.5 cm of adhesive tape, and push it with your fingers until the glue is gone in order to avoid injuring the delicate eye area. Use it like the business card.

4. Freeze it

There is nothing worse than a soft and melted pencil-eyeliner. To bring back the pencil to its previous state put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. You’ll be surprised by the texture it will have.

5. The tricks of the wet brush.

Form a line with your pencil, and then dip a brush in the water. Then, you press the line that is formed. Voila!

Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !