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5 Beauty Tips From Kate Moss

We can say that Kate Moss is truly a style icon. Even though there are over 25 years since she took her first steps in fashion industry, she is still working with the best fashion designers and lands magazine covers. The 43-year old supermodel really knows how to impress and make all theheads turn to her. Today is Kate Moss birthday and we remember 5 beauty tips from the legendary model.

She does not spend time under the sun or sunbathing: 

“I remember the advice Charlotte Tilbury gave me years ago, not to go out in the sun. Then I’d rather ignore. Now, I do not take any risks. Not completely avoid the sun, but I no longer sunbathing. Previously, I said: “Let tan as I can,” but now I think this is not funny and I wear sunscreen with SPF 50 on my face. ”

The beauty product she carries everywhere:

A lip balm to protect her lips

The oldschool beauty trick to get over hangovers and tone her tired skin

“Whenever I feel my skin is dull and tired, I plunge my face into a basin filled with cold water and ice cubes. It is a very practical and inexpensive beauty tip and works really well. Blood circulation improves and the skin looks more healthy. Also, put some cucumber slices on the face. With this trick I stimulate my skin.”

Red Lipstick will be always chic.

“The red lips can make you look instantly more radiant and elegant whether you wear a jacket or a long dress. One of my favorite red lipstick is the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick 001. The red lipstick and radiant skin is what I love to see in every look.”

Bedhead Hair is Sexy

Kate seems to prefer hairstyles that are unpretentious, do not require a comb, a brush or heat tools. If your hair is naturally wavy or have volume, then just add a product to frizz, there is no need to put anything else on them. If you have glossy, straight hair, spray them along with a dry shampoo.



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