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There is no special effort needed for a woman to be more attractive in no time. A few smart beauty tricks are enough. Here are 14 beauty tips and tricks that will make you shine without cost.

1. Adhesive tape to apply the perfect eyeliner pencil

adhesive tape for eye pencil

If you don’t have steady hands when applying your pencil eyeliner adhesive tape is the ideal solution. Cut a little piece and stick it on your face where your lower eyelids end.

Then, draw with the eye pencil your desired line over the adhesive tape to achieve a perfect cat-eye look. This way you will have a straight line without smudging.

2. Use baking soda for teeth whitening

teeth whitening with baking soda

For a shiny and beautiful smile you can use the classical tip of baking soda. Our grandmothers used the same back in the days and it is a simple and effective solution.

Just apply a little bit of baking soda over your toothpaste and brush your teeth normally for 1-2 minutes. Baking soda has ingredients that help to clean and remove the surface stains from coffee, smoking and tea.

3. Get rid of dark circles under the eyes using 2 cold spoons.

spoons to get rid from dark circles

Put a couple of spoons in your refrigerator and remove them in the morning.

Then, tap the area below your eyes from the outer side and make circular movements, exerting little pressure. The move will help the liquid that has accumulated under the eyes to leave while the spoon will significantly reduce the dark circles.

4. Make your lipstick last longer

make your lipstick last longer

Apply regular lipstick on your lips and then cover it with a tissue. Then, put a little powder on top.

The powder will penetrate the paper and make the lipstick last longer.

We have actually a full article about tips and tricks for your lipstick, which you can read it here.

5. Iron your collar with a hair straightener

hair straightener for ironing collar

If you already have delayed your appointment and suddenly you see that the collar of your shirt is tatty, no need to panic!

You will do your work quickly and easily using a good hair straightener. Just put it to warm up and then pass the collar’s intermediate plates. The result will be great!

6. Use conditioner to shave

use conditioner for shaving

Strange as it seems, the hair conditioner can do the same job with the gel or shaving foam.

If you run out of any of these products, do not hesitate to spread the conditioner on your legs and shave normally.

The conditioner contains moisturizing ingredients that will make your skin soft.

7. Cold water for perfect nails

nails in cold water

After painting your nails, let them dry on their own for three minutes and then soak them in a basin with water for three minutes.

The water will help the color of polish to stabilize.

8. Concealer for fuller lips.

concealer for fuller lips

With a simple trick, you can make your lips look bigger.

Simply put a little concealer on the arc that is formed on the upper lip, in the middle of the lower lip and on the the line formed between it and the chin.

The results will amaze you.

9. Bronzer for bold cheekbones

bronzer for bold cheekbones

The intense cheekbones are sexy! To highlight them apply some bronzer just below them and some concealer over them.

Then mix it with a blush brush. The contour that will be formed will give some extra points to your charm!

10. White pencil to ‘lighten’ your eyes

white pencil to lighten eyes

After a demanding day or one hard night a is very likely your eyes being red and looking tired.

To make them shine, apply white eyeliner inside the lower eyelid.

If the effect seems so intense, use a light pencil on beige hue.

11. Hand Cream for flying tufts

hand cream for flying tufts

After putting hand cream, use your hands over the “flying” tufts of hair. The cream will hydrate and “tame” them.

Do not use large amounts because it can make your hair more oily.

12. Use a lighter to create liquid eyeliner

lighter for liquid eyeliner

Heat the tip of your eye pencil using a lighter. Be sure, however, to keep it a little more away from the lighter to not overheat the nose and melt it. Before applying on your eye, try it using your hands to check its temperature.

Thus, you will achieve the perfect liquid effect you want!

13. Green tea bags for puffy eyes.

green tea bags for eyes

If you woke up with puffy eyes, green tea will save you. Put two cold bags of green tea in the area under the eyes and leave them on for five minutes.

Caffeine removes puffiness and make your eyes look rested! Also, read 5+1 beauty recipes for tired eyes in our article here.

14. Olive Oil for face cleaning

Bowl of Olive OilOlive oil is the perfect solution for oily skin. Clean your face with it and rinse with water. Olive oil absorbs the oil from your skin and highlights your fresh and clean skin.




http://thebeautytonic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/adhesive-tape-for-eye-pencil.jpghttp://thebeautytonic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/adhesive-tape-for-eye-pencil-150x150.jpgEstelleBeauty TipsThere is no special effort needed for a woman to be more attractive in no time. A few smart beauty tricks are enough. Here are 14 beauty tips and tricks that will make you shine without cost. 1. Adhesive tape to apply the perfect eyeliner pencil If you don't have steady hands when...The best beauty secrets revealed