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13 Vaseline Uses That Make You Look Pretty

[tfb username=’beauty_tonic’ count=’true’ lang=’en’ theme=’light’]Vaseline was first created at 1859 and till then it has helped many of us in various problems like scratches, burns, dry skin, cuts and abrasions. This gel that contains 100% petrolatum has many applications in the field of beauty. Here we have gathered the best beauty secrets with Vaseline that you can use in your everyday life !

#1 Face

Spreading a little Vaseline on your face and your cheekbones give them a natural shine without having to wear any makeup.

#2 Teeth

Put a lil bit of Vaseline on your teeth before applying your favorite lipstick to avoid coloring them and look like your aunt Lisa.


#3 Cuticle

The cuticles of your nails is one of the most damaged parts of your body! If you want to moisturize them in depth, spread the magical gel.


#4 Pumps

Although it is not exactly a beauty secret, the high heels make you feel beautiful, so I included this. If you have a two-tone leather in high heels, use a cotton swab with some gel and solve the problem.

#5 For eyelashes

If you want thick and long eyelashes apply a Vaseline mask 2-3 times per week before you go to sleep and enjoy the results!

#6 Aroma

In order to make your perfume last longer, spread a little Vaseline on your wrists and the area behind the ears before using your favorite perfume.

#7 For sensitive ears

If you are not capable to wear the earrings you like then don’t be afraid. Use the magic cream on them before applying your favorite earrings.

#8 Cream Eye Make Up Remover

If you have run out of eye makeup remover, there is an alternative. Spread a little Vaseline gel on them and you will manage to remove your eye makeup in a minute!

#9 Body Moisturizers

Do you have intense dry skin on feet and elbows; No more!

#10 Soiled clothes from makeup

Did you soil your clothes with makeup? Do not worry! Spread some Vaseline cream on a damp cloth and take out the makeup of your favorite shirt.

#11 Hydration heels

Every night before you wear your socks, insert this deeply hydrating gel and wear them. In the morning you will wake up with .

#12 Tanning

If you use a self-tan cream and fear that you will create dry skin folds there is no reason to be afraid. put petroleum jelly on dry spots before you use the self-tan cream.

# 13 Scrub

Mix 2 tablespoons Vaseline gel with 1 tablespoon of salt and you’ll have the perfect scrub for your feet!


Estelle :I have studied aesthetic and cosmetology and I am a beautician with a great passion for health and beauty. As human beings we have to take care of our inner and our outer beauty to be completely beautiful !