tips to avoid wrinkles

Whether you’re 35 years old and you start noticing the first signs of aging or 55 and your skin shows exactly what your age is, the sure thing is that the issue of avoiding wrinkles is always high on your agenda. Many men and women believe that the aging of skin is inevitable, but using the information and techniques that we have learned today we can manage to look as young as we feel.
Here are 12 ways to avoid or delay the appearance of wrinkles. Many times a visit to a dermatologist is unavoidable but you can also try to apply these tips in your everyday life.

Avoid Sunbest sunscreens for 2015

It is nice, it is smiling, we enjoy the sun, but that’s the number one factor that creates wrinkles. Dozens of studies have demonstrated the effect of sunlight on skin aging. Exposure to sun is even more important than heredity – studies in monozygotic twins have shown that. People who had limited sun exposure had fewer wrinkles and looked younger overall than their siblings who had more sun exposure.

Wear Sunscreen

If you must go out in the sun, always wear sunscreen. It will offer you protection from sunburns, from skin cancer and will also help you to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Choose a sunscreen suitable for your skin type and always find something with protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Check the list with our recommended sunscreens.

Do not Smokeno smoking

Studies that have been made have given some contradictory results, but more and more research confirms that smoking ages the skin, primarily by releasing an enzyme that breaks down collagen and skin’s elastin, two of the most important components of the skin.
Surveys on brothers showed that the ones who smoked had more wrinkles on the skin and their skin was weaker by 40%. As we see, smoking may do a lot of bad things to our health, one of them is making us look older. Another motive to quit if you smoke 🙂

Get Enough Sleep

The dermatologist of Yale, Nicolas Perricone, notes that when you do not get enough sleep the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. The experts advise to get enough sleep in order to let our body produce more growth hormone that helps the skin remain tough, resilient and less vulnerable to wrinkles.

Sleep On your Backsleep on back

American Academy of Dermatology says that if someone sleeps in certain positions night after night,that leads to the form of sleep lines on the skin which remain on the skin’s surface and do not go away when you get up from bed.
Sleeping on the side increases wrinkles on cheeks and chin, while sleeping face-down gives rise to furrowed brow. To reduce wrinkles it is good to sleep on your back.

Wear Glasses- Avoid half-closing your eyes.


Any repeated facial movement leads to over-activity of the facial muscles creating subsurface grooves. The groove turns results in wrinkles. Equally important is to wear sunglasses.
Sunglasses protect the skin around the eyes from damage and prevent you from half-closing your eyes.

Eat more fish-especially salmonsalmon

Salmon is an important source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids help to feed the skin and to reduce wrinkles.

Eat more soysoy for anti wrinkle

Studies show that some properties of soy may help to protect the skin or treat damage from sunlight. In a recent study published in the journal ‘European Journal of Nutrition’ researchers announced that their soy-based substitute, improved skin texture after six months of use.

Choose cocoa instead of coffeecocoa

In a research published in the journal ‘Nutrition’, in 2006, scientists discovered that cocoa contains high levels of two dietary flavonoids, which help to protect the skin from solar radiation, improving the movement of skin cells, while influenced hydration and made the skin look softer.

Eat more fruits and vegetablesnutrition for skin tightening

The key is the antioxidants. These ingredients fight the damage caused by free radicals, which in turn helps the skin look younger and also give it more radiant protection against photoaging.

Use moisturizing products

Women care so much about anti-aging products that often overlook the power of a simple moisturizer. The hydrated skin simply shows better, so lines and creases are less visible.

Do Not Wash Your Face Too Muchavoid washing too often to reduce wrinkles

According to dermatologists the hot water absorbs the skin’s natural oils and hydration that protect the skin against wrinkles. If you wash your face too often you remove this protection. Furthermore, if your soap does not contain any moisturizers you should use a cleansing product. TipsWhether you're 35 years old and you start noticing the first signs of aging or 55 and your skin shows exactly what your age is, the sure thing is that the issue of avoiding wrinkles is always high on your agenda. Many men and women believe that the aging of...The best beauty secrets revealed