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10 Tips To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Fast

Do you wonder how to get rid of greasy hair fast? This article will help you with some great tips to help you fight your hair greasiness. The atmosphere, the exhaust gas, sweating and «heavy» styling products make your hair to lose its vibrancy and shine. If you have greasy hair, try these simple tips that will help you.

1. Limit Shampooing

With daily bathing, the skin of our head produces natural oils in order to fill those lost in the wash. So if you wash your hair daily, they will become more and more oily.

• Prefer to wash every two or three days. You may not see results immediately but gradually the skin will become dry and the hair will not “Grease” so easily.

• Choose a shampoo with a light composition specific for oily hair. If you have intense problems of oiliness, choose a professional shampoo for frequent use, recommended by your hairdresser.

• If you use a lot of styling products, it is necessary to use a deep cleansing shampoo once per month. These shampoos do not only clean the surface but effectively remove the dirt, the styling residues and the pigments of paint from the hair.

2. Do not overdo it with the conditioner

Conditioner moisturizes the hair and helps not to “frizz” after shampooing. But remember that our skin has its own natural oils, so prefer to apply only on the edges of the hair rather than the top and roots where sebum accumulates.

• For best results, use it once per week, it is sufficient, especially if you have dry ends.

• For those that prefer a more natural solution, replace the conditioner with olive oil, also using it once per week. Just put a minimum amount in your hands and apply it only to hair ends.

3. Rinse with cold water

Cold water opens the pores of the scalp, causing the sebum to not accumulate there, and stimulates blood circulation in the area, which helps great to com
bat oiliness. I remember from when I was a little kid my grandmother teached me to always rinse my hair with cold water.

4. And then … vinegar!

Another tip my grandmother teached me is vinegar.

The water sometimes is not enough to remove the residues of shampoo and conditioner which accumulate in the skin of the head increasing the oiliness. So, take a little vinegar – a few drops are enough- in a small bowl with cold water and apply on the hair after washing. It will help you to get rid of hair greasiness fast.


5. Do not dry with very hot air

It is the best to reduce the heating of the dryer for at least half. Too hot air, like the hot water, closes the pores of the scalp and leaves the skin breathless and thus the oil is increased.

Also, choose to dry your hair upside down in order to give them more volume and make the roots to not touch the head and slow the oiling.

6. Avoid touching your hair constantly

A bad habit that many of us do unconsciously for no particular reason. Frequent touch causes increased production of skin’s natural oils. Try to avoid it!

7. Try dry shampoo or baby powder

If you are preparing for an important appointment, but time is short and you do not have time to wash your hair, there is a simple but effective solution: dry shampoo. It is a powder-shampoo in spray form that revitalizes hair and makes them look like … bathed! Indicatively, see it online here and choose what suits you, depending on your hair type. We review .

Alternatively, you can apply a little talcum powder to oiled roots, but you should dab it well to erase the intense white color.

8. Change your pillowcases frequently

Even if you have already applied all these tips, they are not enough. Your hair, like the face, leave dirt and grease while you are sleeping, that accumulates on the pillowcase. Therefore, if you lie down on a dirty pillowcase you “recycle” the grease on your clean hair. Change them frequently and always lie on clean pillowcases.

9. Choose a shorter haircut

Long hair normally have oily roots and dehydrated edges, thus emphasizing the problem of oiliness. Therefore, choose a medium or short length haircut that will strengthen the hair and will not “highlight” the “greasy” hair.

10. Watch your diet

Eventually, all start from the diet, even the health and appearance of hair. Avoid high fat and fried foods and try to eat foods rich in vitamin A, C and BK and B12 that help to empower the hair. Indicatively, peppers, chicken, milk, fish and liver can fight the breaking, the blur and the oiliness of hair.

Using all of these tips you will see a great improvement and it will be a great step to get rid of greasy hair fast with natural ways. The most important tips are the ones that need you to change some small everyday habits. They are some small changes that will lead in a big change for your hair. I hope you enjoyed the article, have a happy new year everyone.



Nicole Brooks :I am Nicole, a student of aesthetics and cosmetology. As a new member on The Beauty Tonic team I will try use my experience and provide my personal opinions about beauty !