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10 Tips Every Woman Using a Hairdryer Needs to Know

Even women who are not particularly concerned with combing and trimming their hair, they certainly have an accessory that they use often : The hairdryer. Whether to do impressive hairstyles or just dry the hair in no-time because we are in a hurry to go to work, the hairdryer is a necessary tool located in the cupboard of our bathroom or on the bedside table. Even if we think we know how to use it, there are some tips that will make our hairdrying easier.

1. Use a product for protection against heat

Because we tend to heat our hair in the max settings because we want to dry our hair in two minutes when we are in a hurry, at least let’s invest in a special product that will protect the hair from the high temperature. Creating a protective barrier helps the hair to avoid frizz, breakage, split ends and dull,weak hair.

2. Do not “stick” the hairdryer to the hair – Keep a distance

Do not act like your hairdresser and stick your hairdryer to the hair in order to achieve impressive hairstyes. This practice is not good because it torments and weakens the hair. Keep the hairdryer 10-15 centimeters away and do your job keeping your…distance.

3. Curly hair? Remember the diffuser

If you have curly hair, the hairdryer itself is not sufficient for drying. Use the special diffusers of hairdryer to make your curls to reclaim … and not lose their shape.

4. Scottish hairdyer …

Same logic as that of the Scottish shower. Initially dry the hair with hot air, comb as you want but in the end finish your style with cold air. This trick will help the hairstyle to “sit” better while your hair is less afflicted.

5. Tricks for Wavy Hair

If you want to experiment with a more summery style, divide your hair in the middle, make two French braids while it is still fresh and dry. The heat will form them and when you solve the braids, you will have a … mermaid effect.

6. Use the correct temperature according to your hair

If you have ‘thick’ hair, unfortunately, the high temperature is necessary because you can “tame”them better. In contrast, the weaker or thin hair, prefer the middle temperature since a lot of heat will weaken the hair, resulting to tufts who “fly” from here and there. Whichever category you belong, in the end do not forget to finish your styling with cold air.

7. Shower Cap, cold Roller and hairdryer = Perfect Curls

Rollers may seem old-fashioned but they are ideal for perfect curls. In order not to waste time, but to wait to warm up, you can apply this: wrap the hair with Roller stickers, wear shower cap, adjust the dryer on medium heat and turn it on. Shortly before the end, set the cold air to give the final shape to your curls.

8. Divide hair into 4 parts

The organization helps everywhere, even on dry hair! Divide the hair into four parts: right, left, up and down, secure them with pot holders and start to “work” every time with one hand. Thus, the hair does not tangle together and straightening becomes … a breeze.

9. The correct direction of air

Even your position, can affect the hair drying. For example, if you want a flat result, the hot air of the hairdryer must be dissipated from the bottom up, i.e. from the roots to the ends. Using the right brush for straightening, flatten with time from the root to the tips.

Similarly, lean head down (without brush) if you want to give more volume to the hair.

* For Curly hair, this advice is not appropriate since it would still give more volume to the already rich hair.

10. Choose a brush with microfibre

A clever trick to save yourself more time from drying out is to buy an absorbent microfiber brush, which absorbs moisture and brushes your hair. It acts like a second towel and untangle your hair.

Finally, if you spoil the old dryer, prefer to “invest” in a new hairdryer with ion technology and ceramic plate ‘vent’ negative ions, which prevent frizz and breakage.

Also if you use your hairdryer a lot for hairstyling, you can combine both hairstyling and drying using a product like

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